” See Berlin through a lense of difference”


My discovery of the week related to internet, virtual activism and the blogosphere is actually a discovery I made myself about one year ago and which I am glad to share on this occasion: Collidoscope Berlin is a blog about the city of Berlin in light of migration issues, diversity and cosmopolitanism.

Kelly, a sociocultural anthropology student, and Sophia, an international education specialist, are two young American girls living in Berlin. Both are curious about everything related with immigration, integration, culture and want to narrate the story of the intercultural Berlin. They gaze at their new home with perceptive eyes and share pertinent thoughts on what their discover through their “lense of difference”.

They see the phenomenon of migration as something very enriching, as they say: “We believe that (im)migration is a good thing. It makes our communities richer, our values more inclusive, and our relationships stronger. Yet, not everyone agrees, and media or politics may tell a different story about the places we call home. In Berlin, there are narratives for and against multiculturalism. We are a positive part of this discourse; for we believe in difference.”

I promise that the time spent reading their posts can’t be wasted. I wish you a good journey!

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